UN Human Rights Council Backs Goldstone Report

The Israel government is furious at the action of the UN Human Rights Council voting to refer the Goldstone Report to the Security Council. The UK and France did their best to halt the vote on ground there should be further discussion between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over ways to have issues raised by the report handled at the local level. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu was upset that France and the UK abstained from the vote. The bottom line is there is need for the Goldstone Report to be examined and its recommendations implemented. Robert Goldstone is an eminent legal authority who insisted he be allowed to investigate the actions of both sides during the Gaza invasion. His report identifies war crimes on the part of both Israel and Hamas.

If the Israel government had quickly moved to investigate crimes committed by members of the Israel Defense Force, this entire issue would never have gone to the Security Council. Goldstone urged both Israel and Hamas to conduct their own investigations and now Israel yells it is being persecuted. The major problem with modern Israel is a refusal to engage in self reflective examination of behavior. The IDF made some terrible mistakes during the invasion–as did Hamas– in terms of human rights. Israel lives in self delusion that no action on their part is ever wrong– it is always the fault of anti-Semites.

The men and women who founded modern Israel were individuals who were committed to social justice, not merely for Jews, but for all inhabitants of their nation. Isn’t it time Israelis returned to the ideals of their founders?