UN Moves To Condemn Israel Settlements

After years of attempting to engage in meaningful negotiations with the Israel government of Benjamin Netanyahu, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is now seeking the support of the UN to get things proceeding towards a meaningful peace settlement. The UN is considering a resolution which would condemn Israel settlements on the West Bank. Israel’s foreign ministry is furious at such a statement and argues it “can only hurt attempts to renew talks.” Wikileaks revealed that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1980 told the Israel government its settlements on the West Bank were “absurd” only to be informed by Menachim Begin that “Judea and Samaria had been Jewish in biblical times.” The current government of Israel regards the word “negotiation” to mean you agree with our definition of how to settle the settlement issue and we will agree that you have the right to agree with us. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Netanyahu to delay settlements for three months and enter negotiations with Palestinian and were turned down!

The Israel argument is ridiculous. If we followed the concept of who was in charge of an area two thousand years ago, most non-Mexicans in the west would have to leave states such as California or Arizona or Texas and allow Mexican immigrants to take over those areas. The bottom line is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has no interest in meaningful negotiations. It is time for a UN resolution condemning what Israel is doing in the West Bank.