UN Secretary General: Freeze, Halt Israel Actions!

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urged the Israel government to freeze further West Bank settlements, allow goods into Gaza and cease trying to take over east Jerusalem actions of driving out Muslims. He made clear to the new Israel government of Benjamin Netanyahu must “allow people and goods to move (into Gaza). It must freeze settlements, ease unilateral actions in Jerusalem and continue negotiations.” Ban expressed his delight that President Obama appears wiling to take an even-handed approach to the Middle East unlike George Bush who allowed Israel to do as it wished.

For the first time in its history, Israel has a peace initiative that is supported by most Arab nations. The key issues is whether Israel is prepared to return to 1967 borders in order to enter into a new era of peace. There is no doubt Israel hard liners can point to past failures. The fact peace attempts have failed does not mean they always will end in disaster. Just ask the people of Ireland who ended a struggle going back over a hundred years.