UN Security Council Embargo On North Korea

The United Nations has passed a resolution which would place an embargo of military supplies leaving North Korea and also impede its import of certain goods. The issue remains as to best deal with a rogue nation which is flexing its muscles and attempting to frighten the world. There must be a connection between the illness of Kim Sung Il and his decision to name his son as the successor to power in his country. Is the saber rattling merely a diversion to allow his son to assume power at a time when other nations are frightened of what North Korea might do? Perhaps, it is time to refuse to take the bait and allow the North Korean succession crisis to take its own course. There is a probability leaders of the armed forces might not be so receptive to third son taking power and will attempt there own version of a coup.

This is a time for firm, quiet diplomacy in dealing with North Korea. This is a time, if it is possible, to make contact with high ranking North Korean officers and suggest their nation might benefit from reducing its aggressive behavior. But, ultimately, this is a time for China to step forward and become an Asian power by using its leverage on North Korea to move it slowly, but surely, towards the path of peace. China has to take a gamble– use its leverage and risk the possibility of a collapse of the North Korean regime and thousands of refugees heading for China or risk a mistake on the part of North Korea which would allow the outbreak of a nuclear war in Asia. The choice is one the Chinese government does not relish.