UN Worried Myanmar Situation Is At Critical Stage

UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari met with Chinese diplomats in an effort to draw upon their influence with the military junta which rules Myanmar. He told them: “I believe we are now in a critical phas in terms of developments in Myanma, in terms of Myanmr’s relations with neighboring countries, with ASEAN, with the international community.” ASEAN, the Associatioin of Southeatern Nations has been urging the junta to reach out to opposition leader Augn San Suu Kyi in hope of creating conditions for establishing democracy.

Burma’s military leaders have announced a May referendumon a constitution written in secret without any input from opposition leaders. Gambari desperately needs China’s aid due to its wide economic involvement in Burma and its close ties with military leaders. However, there is little interest within the Chinese government to see a democratic government created on its southern flank. The only apparent concern among the Chinese developing Myanmar’s natural resources.