“Uncle Tom” Obama Urges Gay Military Delay

I voted for Barack Obama and believe he eventually will become an outstanding president, but his actions pertaining to gays and lesbians lack any semblance of decency. In a recent press conference, Obama urged patience and noted that African Americans had to wait. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Tuesday said he wanted to make the law prohibiting gays serving n the armed forces “more humane.” “One of the things we’re looking at, is there flexibility in how we apply the law?” The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have cautioned not proceeding too quickly but building support for any change among the officers of the armed forces.

In 1952, I worked on the US 7th Army integration plan to mix Negro and white soldiers. President Truman had issued a direct order to immediately proceed with integration. At this time, American soldiers were fighting in Korea and enduring ten times the casualties that have resulted from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We proceeded with the executive order. Yes, we had riots and disturbances both from enlisted men and officers. Anyone resisting integration was simply told they either accepted the orders of the President or they would have orders cut within twenty four hours for front line combat in Korea.

There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE members of the armed forces would be upset at having gays or lesbians in their ranks. Frankly, many currently know there are such individuals in their ranks. It is time for Barack Obama to issue and executive order ending discrimination against gays and lesbians. If you don’t like it, leave the service.