Uncle Tom Sowell Goes Wild On Obama

Noted constitutional expert, Sarah Palin, is concerned at what is happening over the past two years to the rights of Americans. She recently twittered her followers to read a new article by Uncle Tom Sowell who blasted the Obama administration for following the ideas of Nazi, Germany and eroding our rights as Americans. “In our time, American democracy is being dismantled piece by piece before our very eyes by the current administration.” He is particularly upset at “extraction of vast sums of money from a private enterprise” that the president will use as he damn well sees. Uncle Tom Sowell sees remarkable similarity between the ideas of Barack Obama and those of Nazi, Germany.

I originally thought on reading the weekly nonsense by Uncle Tom that appears in my throwaway newspaper, that he was referring to the administration of George Bush. The arrest of thousands of people who happened to be of Muslim background, the wire tapping of our phones, claiming the right to have librarians inform the government what is read by people, the arrest and detention of hundreds of people in jails without specification of charges or the right to a fair trial, the torture of prisoners — a violation, not only of the Constitution, but of the Geneva Accords that America promises to obey. I would think Uncle Tom would be concerned that an American president lied about WMD and sent over four thousand Americans to their deaths, but I guess Uncle Tom is a self hating black man who sucks up to those in authority and will vilify President Obama in order to get a better salary for the garbage he prints.

As for Sarah, I assume she knows as much as Nazi, Germany as she does about economics, or the Constitution.