Unconditional Support For Israel Damages That Nation

During the past half century America had two firm allies in the Middle East in the governments of Israel and Turkey. The Bush administration adopted a policy of unconditional support for Israel despite mistakes on the part of Israel leaders based on the assumption any sign of disagreement with Israel would be disastrous for peace in the region. Israel’s close relationship with Turkey was based on working in alliance with Turkish military officials as well as the sympathy of many government officials. However, the vast majority of Turks did not regard Israel as either a friend or ally. Such a delicate situation had many dangers and Israel’s invasion of Gaza was the last straw. One Israel Defense Forces entered Gaza and unleashed the power of their arms it created a violent reaction among ordinary Turkish people which finally compelled its civilian and military leaders to draw back from Israel.

Latest reports indicate Israelis are not vacationing in Turkey. This is typical Israel behavior–when criticized, draw back, go down into the bunker of ignorance and pretend the world is against us and we don’t need anyone. It is time for American officials to let Israel know their behavior is not acceptable if peace is the goal. It is time to take a tough stand against Israel in order to protect itself against its own mistakes.

These words are written by someone who has studied in Israel, has worked in Holocaust education and dearly cares about the future of Israel. But, it is time for Israelis to admit mistakes, take corrective action, and, above all, get the damn settlers out of the West Bank.

  • journeyer58

    It is high time America see the illadvised and unreasonable stand of total support of every Israeli policy that comes down the pike, especially the policy of stealing and building on land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    To have a true two state solution, Israel must withdraw their settlements from the West Bank in toto, or there will be no true two state solution.
    The idea of settlements in an illegally occupied territory is anathema to all true law and international law. Israel, has yet to enact and follow U.N. resolution 249, I believe this is the correct resolution, which states unequivocally that Israel must withdraw from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. For Israel, to continue this policy of appropriating land from all of these places, is sure death for the nation of Israel. For this policy will eventually draw into the fray, all of the Arabic countries.
    Notwithstanding the peace treaties which have been signed and have been in force for a long time now, these countries cannot stand much longer for the illegal occupation of these territories and the killing of innocents which Israel has made a policy of and done with such force.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    There is no question the illegal settlements on the West Bank are a major impediment to peace, there is no doubt the incredibly stupid and inhumane Israel invasion of Gaza was a blunder, par excellence. Unfortunately, in any dispute there are at least two versions of reality. I condemn Israel for its human rights violations, but also am not oblivious to the inept, frequently corrupt, and hateful leaders of Palestine who have bungled every opportunity in the past twenty years to gain peace for their suffering people. Palestinian, Egyptian, and just about every Arab society’s school teach hatred toward Israel as their leaders display lack of vision how to attain peace. Mr. Journeyer58 forgets Arab nations initiated the 1948 war by rejecting the UN partition plan which gave Arabs over 70% of Palestine. He ignores Arafat terror programs which led to attacks on civilians, schools, and killing of children. There is no excuse for what the IDF did in Gaza, but those who seek a peace that respects both Palestinians and Jews can not ignore changes are required on both sides.