Uncovering Birther Truth!!

This intrepid reporter has gone to considerable expense and time in order to uncover the truth about the infamous so-called Barack Obama birth certificate. Such noted legal authorities as Ms. Sarah Palin and Sir Donald Trump are demanding the truth behind what is being covered up concerning this document. We can now prove conclusively that Barack Obama was NOT born in the 1960s in the United States of America but was given a birth certificate in 1952 in the American colony of Hawaii which means he was NOT born in the United States. Note, that I said, “given”because there is no such person as “Barack Obama.” Why doesn’t he want Americans to learn exactly what is stated on his “birth certificate?” The answer is simple, his real name is Beatrice Omar Bama, a Muslim female who was born in Kenya and brought to America in 1952.

Barack Obama is a transgender person who is part of the secret Transgender Jewish International Society of Perverts whose goal is to make legal the seduction of little boys in order to turn them into little girls!! Have you ever looked closely at “Michelle”Obama? She is as tall as a man, walks like a man, and talks like a man. Figure it out yourself, she is he and they are we.

Michelle Obama gave “birth” in secret. She had the two babies flown in from Kenya and their mother, Nouri Finklestein Muhammad was killed by secret agents of Mossad which is behind this clever attempt to take control of the American government in order to clear the way for a Jewish takeover of the world. As part of this plot in the 7th century they transformed Moishe Goldberg into someone known as Mohammad and thus was born this Jewish plot to create a new religion.

Beatrice Obama is the awaited Goddess of the Sun who will lead the world into a new dynasty in which Jews run the world.

I challenge anyone to prove anything I have written is false!!