Understanding Putin

In m any respects, Vladimir Putin is a riddle wrapped in a mystery whose every move may be confusing to those of the Western world. Putin was raised to be a good Communist, he spent his early years convinced that Karl Marx was correct in predicting that capitalism was a doomed method of economics that would be replaced by Communism. The decline and downfall of Communism was not merely a mental assault upon Putin’s mind, but it also meant the collapse of Mother Russia which he adores. He has spent the past twenty years seeking an intellectual replacement for the dreams of youth. He is an authoritarian ruler because that is the form of government that was his early intellectual foundation. Just as conservative Republicans can not shake off their early beliefs that “government is evil,” neither can Putin shake off his early beliefs that communism or some form of that economic system is the best form of government.

We in America fail to recognize that young Putin inhabited a nation which regarded itself as being surrounded by hostile enemies. Shortly after he became President of Russia, then President Bush pushed for sending missiles to be placed in Poland that were aimed at Russia. A deliberate threat to the Russian people. We must understand that NATO should not be moving eastward. President Obama should make clear there is a fundamental difference between the European Union and NATO. The Ukraine could enter the European Union, but it should give assurances to Russia that it will not be a member of NATO.

Many Russians ARE frightened by the fear of military action from the West. After all, over FORTY MILLION RUSSIANS WERE KILLED BY GERMANS DURNG WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II!!