Unemployment Rises For Vets

We inhabit a strange country. Republicans are the loudest voices in defense of fighting wars and insisting we must honor those who serve, but when it comes to actually providing jobs and assistance to those who have served, silence reigns in the Republican party. Latest figures indicate the unemployment rate in America dropped in December from 9.8% to 9.4% due to creation of over a hundred thousand new jobs. However, the unemployment rate for veterans has risen from 9.4% in November to 11.7% in December. These figures deal essentially with young veterans in their twenties and thirties who enter a job market which is saturated and the last thing on the mind of employers is assisting those who have served their nation.

We wonder if the Republican party has as much concern for veterans as it does for the wealthy. After all, it just voted about a $100 billion tax cut for those with wealth, how about using that money to provide jobs for veterans?