UNESCO Accepts Palestine

The United States Department of State and the Israel government are furious at the decision by UNESCO to accept Palestine as a member. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the decision as “counterproductive” to achieving peace and she announced the US would cease funding UNESCO. Israel’s foreign ministry yelled that the decision “further removes possibility for a peace agreement. The vote was 107-4 with 52 abstaining.

I am confused. Two weeks ago the Israel government announced it was proceeding with building houses in Arab areas of Jerusalem, an action they knew made it impossible for any Arab government to negotiate for peace. I assume the Israel foreign ministry operates on the assumption that Israel can flout international law, ignore the rights of Palestinians without impeding “possibilities for a peace agreement.”

Let’s face reality. No American president will stand up to ignorant forces in Israel who behave in a manner that contradicts Jewish history. The real problem hindering peace is lack of political and economic clout by Palestinians in the USA!