Unhappy In Tehran

Among the mysteries of my life is why are so many people in this world concerned when others enjoy themselves and engage in activities that bring joy to their hearts. A group of young boys and girls in Tehran were watching and dancing to the music of someone whose name is Pharra Williams and his video is named, “Happy.” The group decided to share their happiness with one and all on the Internet, and now they are unhappy in a prison in Tehran. I am certain authorities will claim the act of being happy or the act of singing or the act of dancing violate this or that ordinance of the Muslim religion. Of course,such claims rarely, if ever, are supported by words from the Koran, let alone the

As I near the age of 84 it is clear that what brings joy to my heart and mind is not that which brings such happiness to other humans, particularly,those under the age of 25. Given unemployment rates, given low salaries, given high student debts, just let them be HAPPY!