Unheard Voices Of Tamils In Sri Lanka

Thousands of Tamils living in Canada formed a human chain throughout Toronto in an effort to make the world aware of the plight of their relatives on the island of Sri Lanka. A government offense against the minority Tamils has pounded the rebel forces but it has also resulted in the death of thousands and civilians are now trapped in the norther part of the island where they lack food and water. It is estimated about 250,000 are enclosed by the Sri Lanka army into a narrow area of villages and jungles and they are caught in the middle of artillery blasts and troops seeking to put an end to a civil war which has raged for over twenty years. During this conflict about 70,000 civilians have died in the effort of Tamils to gain some form of autonomy within the country.

Tamil civilians are being killed but there are no protests in Europe which is ready to protest the death of Gaza civilians. For some reason or other, the plight of the Tamils has not caught the attention of left wing protestors in the world. One can only wonder at their shouts for Gazans and silence for Tamils.