Unintended Consequences Of Iraq War

Unfortunately, many have forgotten the cries of invade Iraq that were sounded by the right wing media and members of the Bush administration. Those, like Cheney and Bush, who had never witnessed the horrors of war, were gung ho to invade, kill, destroy and proclaim the glory of democracy. Fast forward six years and we discover Iraq doctors encountering new problems with maternity issues. They are dealing with up to 15 times as many chronic deformities in infants and a spike in early cancers that may be linked to toxic material from battles in their nation. Specialists working in Falluja are currently compiling statistics that show conclusively there has been a significant rise in childhood deformities and cancer rates for older people. Dr. Ayman Qais of Falluja’s general hospital noted: “We are seeing a very significant increase in central nervous system anomalies” His staff reports “many deficiencies in lower limbs.”

There are no surprises in these statistics. Bush and Cheney and Fox News wanted war, they wanted bloodshed and since none of them had ever been in a battle, what did they know about the side effects of war and desolation? I doubt if any members of the Republican Party spent a moment considering how invading Iraq might impact the children of that nation. Now, these same brave men and women are ready for more blood in Afghanistan. How about placing them on the front lines?