United States of Africa-A Dream Today or Deferred?

At recent meetings of an Inter-Africa Group, there was extensive discussion concerning the possibility of creating a United States of Africa on the lines of the European Union. Historically, the Pan-Africa movement had three objectives: decolonization, creation of independent nations, and some form of unified Africa. Decolonization has been achieved, but creation of viable independent nations is still a source of turmoil and confusion.

Libyan leader Ghadaffi is pushing hard for the idea of a unified Africa, but there are many sceptics who regard poverty or need to peacefully resolve internal struggles as much higher on any list of priorities. Most probably, Ghadaffi is still wrapped up in his visions of glory and power to offer any meaningful direction for uniting disparate African nations.

Perhaps, a younger Nelson Mandela might have been a leader in working toward this dream, but at present, no African leader stands out to offer leadership. There are still grave concerns such as the mess in Zimbabwe where President Mugabe has wrecked his nation. At the same time, the continent of Africa needs a dream. Perhaps, at present, it must be a dream deferred.