Unity Israel Government Or 3rd Intifada?

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, rumored to be the next prime minister, told reporters her nation needs a unity government to avoid problems that eventually could result in a 3rd Intifada. If she does become the new prime minister creating a government including all parties would be among her goals. “I believe that what we called in the past left and right is something that belongs in the past.” However, she was equally insistent international pressure could be dangerous and result in the emergence of a 3rd Intifada. Lvni believes Palestinian Authority leaders and those from Israel must resolve differences and create a two nation reality in the region.

She compared the current situation to 2000 when President Clinton tried to broker a peace agreement before he left office. Now President Bush is attempting to do the same thing and Livni fears placing tight deadlines to achieve peace will invariably result in more problems.

Unfortunately, Foreign Minister Livni, has yet to address key issue such as West Bank settlements and the desire of Palestinians for east Jerusalem as their capital. At some point, Israel leaders must confront the realities of peace.