Universities, Poor Students, And Recession

The election of Barack Obama is usually hailed because he is the first African American to win the presidency, but he also was an individual who rose from a poverty background to attain success. His success stemmed from being able to attend a prestigious university, make the right contacts, and advance in life. The dream of poor students to attend college is under siege due to the current recession as colleges cut back and there is less funds available for minority and poor students. A recent report from Australia notes the growing difficulty for poor students and those from remote areas of the country to be accepted at elite universities. Most of the top Australian universities report less than 9% of students come from poor backgrounds or remote areas of the nation.

As colleges in America face economic pressure, they are more inclined to accept students who can pay the entire tuition and not depend on government resources. There is less money to spend developing summer programs to assist students who might struggle during freshman year. A crisis is upon higher education and it will become worse as funds dry up. Just check the situation in California where there have been massive cuts in funding for higher education.