Unpunished Crime In US Armed Forces

United States Senator Gillibrand has been fighting to ensure that those who are subjected to sexual abuse in the Armed Forces are treated with respect and their assailants are punished. For some reason, members of Congress refuse to allow lawyers and court martial components of our Armed Forces judicial system to function as the legal entities that make final decisions. Congress insists that Generals decide whether or not to carry out decisions of their own judicial entities. A new report based on AP investigation of over a thousand cases reveals, complete disregard for punishing rapists and sexual abusers in the Armed forces of the United States of America. Military bases in Japan turn out to be among the worst sites of disregard for justice.

Records of Marine court martial cases in Japan reveal only 53 out of 270 cases led to someone being incarcerated.
Of 124 sex trials of Air Force men, 21 received a letter of reprimand for the rape.
In dozens of cases, the victim was persuaded to drop charges.
Of 244 cases in which the behavior of those who raped and abused, one one-third wound up with punishment in jail.

It is time to allow a legal system to render final decisions, not a general who lacks any legal training.