Unresolved Troubles In Ireland

Ah, there is still hope in the United States, thank God there are always the Irish to make we Americans understand the presence of people who are even crazier than a nation which contains members of the Tea Party. I wrote my MA thesis in 1956 about the conflict between Protestant and Catholic Irish folk who have been in conflict for over a few hundred years. Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland have been engaged in “talks” for longer than most reading these words have been alive. American diplomat, Richard Haass has been the negotiator attempting to resolve issues between the opposing groups, but he finally made clear they simply are unable to compromise on important issues of state and security. So, what are these issues that tear apart people?

1. Who murdered whom during the Troubles when there was armed conflict and people were being killed by the Irish Republican Army and the British army.

2. Which routes can Irish and Çatholics use when marching.

3. Which flags can be flown.

As one negotiator put it, “the biggest disappointment of this process has been the refusal to face up to the issue of flags.”

I think it is time to send in John Boehner!!