Unsanctioned Comments On Putin

I freely confess that I did not seek permission from the Putin government to write these words. I understand that in Putin Land official permission is required when commenting negatively about the Great Leader. Of course, positive remarks do not necessitate permission. Oleg Stein of A Just Russia party led some folk on an unsanctioned rally that linked up with a sanctioned rally, but Oleg misses the point of having sanctioned rallies. Frankly, there is a fine for participating in an unsanctioned  rally that linked up with a sanctioned one.

Steiu was fined $600 rubles. Of course, Mr. Stein is still upset at losing a race for mayor which he claimed was marred by invalid votes. the Election Committee agrees there were some invalid votes cast, but since we already knew who would win, what exactly is the problem and why is this Stein guy protesting?