UnSpoken Story Of Lost Children!

World War II was among the most horrible episodes in human history which led to the deaths of over thirty million people and left in its wake destroyed cities and lives. For years, one of the hidden stories of World War II dealt with relationships between German soldiers and women they met during Nazi occupation of European countries. It is estimated these soldiers had about 800,000 children with local women including about 200,000 in France. At the end of the war, thousands of French women who had slept with the enemy were forced to stand in public, strip down to their underwear, and have heads shaven before being paraded through town. Of course, some famous French writers who also collaborated with Germans never were forced to be humiliated in such a manner.

Today, children of those women are still struggling with their identities since in many countries having a German soldier father meant one was a bastard child. And, in small towns and villages people knew you were a bastard in more ways than one. Germany has now extended dual citizenship to any such child.