Unsung NRA Cowards

I just concluded teaching a course in American history at that great citadel of bravery, Wildwood Community College in St. Louis. I had to endure listening to the “brave” posturing of young boys and girls who would shit in their pants if someone with a weapon approached them-day or night. These brave heroes of video games are no different than NRA members who are great heroes when it comes to talk and pretending to be a hero, if they actually faced a person armed, their most probable destination would be straight home. Judge Andrew Napolitano, an NRA member in good standing offered advice to Jews who had risked all in the famous Warsaw Ghetto uprising. “If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had the firepower and ammunition of the Nazis” then maybe Poland would have remained a free nation!

1. The famous study by General S.L.A. Marshall US soldiers in Europe revealed that nearly 30% did NOT fire their weapon in the first combat. They were too frightened.
2. In the initial American battle with Nazi troops at the Kasserine Pass in Tunisia, the Americans were routed.
3. But the NRA thinks it could stand up against the German army!!

An intelligent person runs AWAY from combat.