Unveiling Ideas On Veils In France

There are hundreds of thousands of Muslim women in France and about 2,000 or so wear the niqab or the burqa. President Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to save French culture and civilization from the prospect those 2,000 women in veil will somehow overthrow conventional wisdom and persuade the entire female population to put on the veil. A proposed law would ban wearing either the niqab or burqa in public places, on streets or in shops and markets. According to a spokesperson for Sarkozy, wearing these garments “is a rejection of our values” and leads to eroding the principle of community life.

Each religion has its Orthodox branch which is more traditional and all too often limits the rights and freedom of women. Most legal experts believe the Sarkozy law would violate not only the French constitution but would be declared illegal by the European Court on Human Rights.

One can assume the next veil to be declared illegal would be helmets that cover faces. But, then again, such masks are not worn by Muslims.