Unwanted “Guests” In Turkey

They arrive in cars covered with dust and dirt, they arrive on foot lugging anything they could carry in order to escape brutality or death. They arrive at the border of Turkey, cross over and discover they are now “guests” of that nation. Of course, since they are classified as “guests,” there is no legal obligation on the par of the government of Turkey to provide food and lodging for these refugees from terror. Meanwhile, back in Syria, armed forces arrive in a village, walk deserted streets, see homes with broken windows or smashed in doors and people hiding in secret places. The hated secret police, Muhhabarat, enter a house, drag a man from his bed and shoot him on the spot. Was he the right name on the list? Who knows, the important thing is someone was killed who does not like President Bashar al-Assad. Those who survive these attacks, flee towards the Turkish border where they are not particularly welcomed. Somehow, they cobble together a make-shift place to sleep, they drink from whatever water they can find, and go to bed with hunger pangs.

The government of Turkey supported dispatch of a flotilla to aid the people of Gaza. For some reason, the government of Turkey will not dispatch a flotilla of trucks to feed Syrian refugees. Oh, whatever happened to Muslim protesters who were furious at publication of Danish cartoons, but apparently don’t give a damn about the murder of Muslims by the Syrian government?