Up And Down Gaza Cease Fire

The history of the Gaza cease fire is a tale of both sides unable to decide exactly whether they wish to end fighting or continue the haphazard exchange of rockets and bullets. Yesterday, members of the Islamist Jihad which has ties to Iran and Syria, fired rockets into Israel causing a few people to receive wounds. They argued it was a response to Israel activity in the West Bank, and area not covered by the Gaza cease fire. “We cannot keep our hands tied, when this is happening in the West Bank,” claimed the Islamist Jihad referring to Israel police activity against militants.

Hamas has a great deal of pressure because it has pledged to end the blockade and if actions by other militants result in a collapse of the cease fire it damages the reputation of Hamas. Israel would like to end the nightmarish situation in which its citizens face daily bombing attacks. “We in Hamas,” said a statement issued by the group, ” are committed to the calm. We will talk and we will make sure that all of the factions are committed to the calm too.”