Up Them Down Stairs!

There are many issues that concern those who run a college. Most probably they are concerned that students are learning what is necessary in this day and age in order to attain successful jobs upon graduation. Tamer Kirbac is provincial education minister in Trabzon, Turkey, and he has raised an important new issue that higher education MUST confront. He has increasingly become concerned that male and female students in his college use the same staircase when moving from class to class. “They use the same stairs to rest. They use the same stairs to go to sleep., and believe me this has been keepingme very worried.”

First, they pass one another on the stairs. Second they brush a sleeve against someone of the other sex. Third, contact means they must marry.

My question for Mr. Kirbac: In case of a fire is it preferable for female students to first evacuate the building and then allow males to leave or should they go together??