Up Utah State -Down Harvard!

Mitt Romney has finally identified the main problem confronting the American people–liberals spend too much time at Harvard and not enough at Utah State. Mitt blasted Barack Obama as being part of the Harvard ivory tower elite who seek to control this nation and impose their intellectual and moral standards on the middle class and poor folk. He accused Barack Obama of spending “too much time at Harvard” and picking up all those strange ideas about our economy.

For the record, Mitt obtained a joint JD and MBA from–HARVARD! Mitt spent FOUR years at– HARVARD! As for that Obama fellow, he spent THREE YEARS AT –H ARVARD! Perhaps, Mitt is upset because while he graduated cum laude, that elitist smart guy  graduated magna cum laude.

We agree with Mitt, the longer one spend at Harvard the more screwed up becomes his brain. Oh, for the record, among presidents who attended Harvard were incompetents such as: John Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Bush, father and son attended an Ivy League institution as well as did Woodrow Wilson.

OK, Mitt, we know you  wear a plaid shirt to prove you are a real man. But, four years at Harvard does NOT make you part of the working class!