Urinate On Dead And Shock World

War is hell. War transforms decent people into beasts of prey. Some claim war makes men better than they are. Ask anyone who has been in combat if they emerged a better person and the response will be a loud, “NO!” A group of US Marines on service in Afghanistan decided after the combat was over to pee on dead Taliban soldiers. Soldiers were identified as belonging to  scout sniper team assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines.

The 40 second video captures the Marines joking,  and urinating as some idiot takes their picture. The video was uploaded by someone who calls himself: semperfiLoneVoice. The Marine motto of always being faithful certainly did not mean by insulting the bodies of those who opposed your forces in battle.

Former POW, Senator John McCain summed up the reaction of all decent people by saying the “video makes me sad.” Amen