US Air Strike Infuriates Pakistan

The government of Pakistan is furious over an American air strike which killed eleven of its soldiers in the volatile northwest area of the country. The attack which was most probably done by pilotless drones occurred near the Afghan border which already is the scene of constant disputes between the United States and Pakistan. Dead Pakistan soldiers were probably members of the Frontier Constabulary. Prime Minister Yousef Raz Gilani, stated bluntly, “we will take a stand for sovereignty integrity, and self-respect, and we will not allow our soil to be attacked.” Several Pakistan military officials already have made clear this incident will help militants in their anti-American propaganda.

During the past month, Pakistan officials have been engaged in discussions with Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders from Pakistan. President Bush and American military officials have made clear their disappointment with such discussions. This latest incident will only serve to accentuate the process of closer working relations between the Pakistan government and militants in the northwest region.