US Ally Winds Up At Guantanamo Bay

Abdullah Mujahad, befriended Americans when they entered Afghanistan and helped them to fight the Taliban. He was an illiterate man but one willing to support efforts to rid his country of the hated religious fanatics. He played a role in arresting several Taliban leaders. However, US forces decided they wanted someone with greater education and replaced Mujahad with a more educated man. But, his problems did not end at that point. Mujahad was identified by Americans as a “terrorist” and sent to Guantanamo Bay prison. Ironically, he is in a cell next to Taliban leaders he helped arrest.

The Bush administration has been insisting that anyone in Guantanamo is a terrorist, but it now admits that Mujahad can be released. He will not get an apology or monetary compensation for what he endured. Just another example of Bush incompetence and lies.