US And Poland Sign Missile Base Deal

The United States and Poland have signed an agreement which allows construction of a missile base that would be staffed by American military personnel. Russia naturally reacted angrily and pointed out such a base containing missiles were a threat to its territorial integrity. Poland argues the base is needed in order to ensure it will not be attacked by a foreign nation. President Bush from the beginning has insisted the missile base was needed to protect Europe against possible missile attacks from rogue nations such as Iran or North Korea. The president has repeatedly insisted the base was not aimed at Russia. However, there apparently is now a change in tone as to the purpose of the base since the agreement ensures Poland of American assistance if it was to be attacked by another nation.

The missile base from the beginning has been cast in lies and deception. Bush turned down a Russian offer of constructing such a base in Russia while at the same time promising the Russian government the base was there to deal with rogue nations. Konstantin Koschyov of the Russian Parliament noted: “It is this kind of agreement, the the split between Russia and the United States over the problem of South Ossetia,l that may have a greater impact on the growth of tensions in Russian-American relations.”

American military planes will be stationed at the base and have orders to shoot down planes that might be headed toward Poland. The United States reacts with fury and anger if Russia even hints it might place planes in Cuba while at the same time placing planes and missile bases on the border of Russia.