US Beats Al-Qaeda, But Loses Job War

CIA Director Leon Panetta and General David Petraeus are confident that al-Qaeda will be defeated. According to Panetta, “we’re within reach of strategically defeating al-Qaeda” while Petraeus says they are on the run. Great news. But, what about the war for jobs? Is Joblessness on the run. Are we within sight of defeating unemployment? Barack Obama has done what so many presidents have done over the years, shifted focus from wars at home to wars overseas. One does not have to bother with Congress in dealing with foreign enemies, just ask for more and more money. It will always be available. But, when it comes to the war on unemployment, there simply are no funds. Yes, we can go into debt to fight foreign enemies, but we lack any money for the war on unemployment.

We may well “win” the war against al-Qaeda. We may well be triumphant against the Taliban. But, we have been vanquished in the war to provide jobs for Americans. Obama, it is time to cease being President Win-the-War and become President Get-Jobs for Americans.