US Can’t Win-Can Iraqis Win?

The Iraqi High Election Commission which a few weeks ago published a list of over 500 Sunnis who were banned from running for office due to their ties to the regime of Saddam Hussein and the Ba’ath political party has rescinded the list and will allow the Sunni candidates to vie for public office in upcoming elections. After the ban was implemented, Baghdad was rocked by bombings which may have come from angry Sunnis who decided to ally with al-Qaeda. Within hours after announcing the decision, opponents of the decision made charges the lifting of the ban was caused by pressure from Vice President Joe Biden and members of the American Embassy. One charged, “The Americans obviously still interfere in all Iraqi institutions.”

I frequently wonder if George Bush keeps up with events in Iraq and has come to grips with his stupidity in ever getting America involved in the disaster known as the invasion of Iraq. If there ever was a Hall of Fame for Stupidity, George would be number one in it.