US Commander Wants Positive Spin On Afghanistan

Are things going poorly in Afghanistan? According to US General David McKiernan, the media is only reporting bad news and leaving out all the good news that comes out of Afghanistan. “There’s a lot of negative reporting. Somebody likes to report an attack somewhere and that becomes the trend in Afghanistan, of they don’t report the positive events or the absolute brutality or the illegitimacy of the Taliban.” During the past few weeks, a senior British military official has stated bluntly we are losing in Afghanistan and Genera Petreaus has even suggested it may be time to enter in negotiations with the Taliban. Are these people among those who only report the negative?

Of course, the Taliban are brutal and their ideas would return women to a medieval status, but reality is they have the support of a high percent of the Afghan people. Isn’t the question–why do so many Afghans embrace brutal people? One factor might be the corruption and incompetence of the Afghan government. Another might relate to failure on the part of coalition and American forces to utilize air strikes which invariably kill innocent civilians.