US Concerned About China Military Buildup

Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is “concerned” about the Chinese military buildup. For some reason, leaders of China simply do not understand that when it comes to building high tech ships or planes or equipping your ground forces with the latest developments in weaponry. only members of the United States military–or their approved allies– are allowed to attain such levels of force. I guess those in charge of China lack understanding that only the American armed forces are allowed to build what they desire. And, where did the Chinese get the idea they can make military decisions without approval of the United States? Mike Mullen is concerned. “I’ve moved from being curious about what they’re doing to being concerned about what they’re doing.” This is ridiculous. The United States spends more money than ALL the armed forces of the rest of the world and he is “concerned.!” China is upgrading its navy and airforce, and he is “concerned.” Pray tell, Admiral Mullen, did you check with China when preparing the American military budget?

It is time for American leaders to cease imagining they can do what they damn well please, they can invade wherever they damn well please, and display respect for the rights of other nations. There is no indication China is going to invade other nations. Let’s see:

American forces invaded Iraq for some curious reason.
American forces invaded Afghanistan.
American forces are supplying military supplies to Yemen, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, etc… and

The Chinese are NOT concerned!