US Congressmen Fight For Religious freedom

A group of 27 American congressmen wrote President yudhoyno of Indonesia about their concerns of religious freddom in his nation. They were particularly upset at recent attacks upon members of the Ahmadiyeh sect of the Muslim religion whose views differ with those of other Muslims. They urged him to immediately revoke the decress that bans Ahmadiyeh from conducting religious activities in the country and repeal the long-standing blasphemy law which is used to prosecute religious minorities who exercise their right to freedom of religious expression.” A few weeks ago, members of the Ahmadiyeh sect were brutally attacked and several killed by mobs even while police were present.

The tragedy of Indonesia is their historic pledge to respect different religions, but that respect does not carry on to Muslims who differ from traditional Muslim beliefs. Unfortunately, the US can not exert pressure on Indonesia to implement religious freedom, but it is welcome that some US Congressmen turn away from idiot discussions in our land and pay attention to those in far away places who seek freedom.