US Congressmen Oppose Anti-Semitism

There is no question of the existence of anti semitism in any discussion involving any aspect of events in the Middle East. That is a given, no need to engage in arguments as to whether or not hating Jews has ended in that region of the world. A group of 46 American Congressmen recently wrote a letter to President Abdullah Gul concerning statements made by Prime Minister Recep Erdogan which display aspects of anti-semitism. American representatives are urging Gul– who is not an anti-semite– to demand an apology from Erdogan who linked Zionism with ” a crime against humanity,” and has been claiming recent demonstrations against his leadership are part of some Jewish conspiracy. Sorry, Recep, protesters are Turks who disagree with your leadership.

However, I find interesting that American Congressmen are concerned about a statement from a prime minister, but have absolutely no interest in the kidnap of 300 teenagers in Nigeria, the ongoing slaughter of the innocent in South Sudan, and a dozen other atrocities that merit attention. Yes, there is anti-semitism in Turkey. It is not a major issue. Murder of the innocent IS!