US Considers Invading Pakistan To Pursue Militants

Top Bush officials are urging the president to unleash US forces so they can pursue militants into Pakistan. They want greater flexibility for US military leaders to operate against Taliban and al-Qaeda forces who use sanctuaries inside the northwest tribal region of Pakistan. One proposed plan is attaching special forces to the CIA and allowing them to hit specific targets located inside Pakistan. A meeting last week of senior members of the national security team explored “the possibility that political fragmentation in Pakistan is going to continue,” according to one official and will that necessitate altering US military strategy in the region. The current strategy is relying on Pakistan to control the tribal region and there is little evidence that is actually happening.

Some State Department officials are leery about talk of invading Pakistan(sorry, sending troops into a country without their specific invitation is an invasion) since it might increase the already fragmented state of that nation. Afghanistan Ambassador Said T. Jawad told AP he supports sending US troops into Pakistan. But, when exactly has the current Afghanistan government been able to implement successful military operations inside its own country.

Pakistan currently is going through a constitutional crisis. An American invasion of their country will only add to the already confusing picture. Ironically, such action might lead to President Musharraf turning from being an American ally to an American foe which would probably allow him to continue in office.