US Cuts Afghan Opium– Good Or Bad?

The election of Barack Obama last November raised hopes the United States would initiate bold new ideas in dealing with the chaotic situations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Obamaland is not that far different from Bushland when it comes to dealing with Afghanistan and Iraq. US officials are boasting US troops have cut the opium crop production by targeting warehouses and other such installations. However, most experts believe opium production in Afghanistan is still about 6,900 tons.

When will Obama ask the basic question- will destroying opium win or lose the affection of Afghan farmers for the United States? We suggest a different approach — purchase the entire opium crop. Farmers would be happy since they would not have to bribe the Taliban, the Taliban would be cut off from drug money and life will go on. Now, If Obama really wanted to be innovative, he would decriminalize drugs.