US Diplomat Resigns Over Israel Remarks

Chas Freeman, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia was forced to resign as one of Barack Obama’s top intelligence officials over remarks he made about Israel. Mr. Freeman noted that “Israel violence against Palestinians” makes it “utterly unrealistic to expect that Palestinians will stand down from violent resistance.” President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have already complained that Israel actions in continually building on the West Bank and destroying Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem does not help the cause of peace in the region. Building houses on land that belongs to Palestinians is a “violent action” and Mr. Freeman really said what the administration has been stating in more polite terms.

Twenty years ago, Israel leaders complained they had no one to speak with about peace. Today, the Arab League has agreed to recognize Israel and President Abbas has been working to establish the basis for peace with Israel, but the problem today is there is no one in the Israel government who wants to discuss peace.

Perhaps, Mr. Freeman should not have been that blunt, but his remarks signify the need for honesty to Israel. At this point in its history, the people of Israel need honest discussions with people, not polite expressions that only blur the need for genuine peace.