US Diplomat Warns Turkey To Avoid Iran

United States Undersecretary of State Reuben Jeffrey who handles energy affairs, told Turkish reporters of American concerns about their nation’s dealings with Iran. Turkey and Iran have discussed several major arrangements which would result in Iran supplying Turkey with energy resources. Jeffrey said: “Iran is pursuing nuclear programs and supporting terrorism” as stated in UN Security Council resolutions so any Turkish negotiations with Iran challenge UN actions. He was asked if Turkey would be penalized by dealing with Iran and were told “it was not time to go into hypotheticals.”

This is the second time within two weeks an American Undersecretary of State has given warnings and threats to Turkey about how it conducts its foreign policies. One would assume the United States is not in a position to go around the Middle East giving advice on how to handle regional issues. Turkey is engaging Iran in peaceful relations which only serves to reduce tension. American suggestions are only aimed at increasing regional tensions.