US Dodges Timor Tragedy By Accepting Official Version

Ameican officials have decided to accept the report of the Indonesian Timor Leste Commission for Truth and Friendship(CTF) and the release of a former Timor Leste militia leader in an effort to resolve a tricky problem without angering the government of Indonesia. University of Indonesia Professor Hariyadi Wirawan noted: “these are face-saving efforts by Indonesia and the United States, By saying the incidents were by default, they mean to say,’there’s no one to blame,’ so let’s forget it and move on.” US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill told the Indonesian government last week, his nation was prepared to accept the commission’s report about the alleged massacre by Indonesian troops of innocent people during the violence in Timor.

Perhaps, the process of ignoring death and destruction enables nations to move on, but there may also be need for acknowledgement of what transpired in order to confront the needs for those who were oppressed to attain a sense of personal peace.