US Drones End Killings In Pakistan

A basic tenet of the Obama administration has been that use of Drones has been a successful weapon in the fight against terrorism. The Obama theory is that if American weapons kill leaders of terrorist organizations, the organizations will become leaderless and then collapse. As I recall, our Special Forces killed Osama bin Laden and since his death al-Qaeda has grown stronger and expanded its operations into new areas such as Syria. I doubt if President Obama could cite a single example in the history of guerrilla warfare in which the death of a leader led to the end of violence. However, at the request of Pakistan’s government, there will be a lull in use of Drones since the Pakistan government intends to pursue peace talks with Taliban leaders.

Oh, back in November, 2013, Pakistan’s government was attempting to pursue peace negotiations when leader of the Pakistan Taliban was killed in a Drone attack. Hakimullah Mehsud died and peace talks ended. Oh, the US government HAS engaged in peace talks with Afghan Taliban leaders. For some strange reason, the US did not kill the Taliban leaders who came to talk peace