US Drones On About Justice

After years of Drone attacks upon the bad guys and supposedly some good guys there is scarcely anything that can be written in order to condemn or support use of these weapons of minor destruction. President Obama wraps himself in the clothes of justice in order to explain why drones are necessary in the battle against terrorists. Of course, for some strange reason, despite these ongoing Drone strikes the ball game is not over and the bad guys continue to increase in numbers, NOT decrease! The Pakistan government charged that 3% of 2,2227 people killed in Drone strikes since 2008 were civilians. The Ministry claimed that 317 drone attacks killed 2,160 Islamic militants and 67 civilians since 2008. This figure simply does not agree with reports gathered by other agencies and prior claims by the Pakistan government.

Ben Emerson, a United Nations expert who studied drone strikes, earlier this month estimated that 400 civilians were killed by the drone attacks since 2004. There are two issues: how many civilians have died and is there proof that drone strikes reduce the power of Islamic militants.