US Expands Sanctions Against MUgabe

The United States expanded its economic sanctions against the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe in an effort to tighten the screws of outside pressure. President Bush made clear the determination of the United States to support aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe for their right to decide who is their president. Mugabe, after losing the March election for president, undertook a campaign of violence and murder in order to ensure victory in subsequent election. There are currently talks underway between Mugabe and his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, which supposedly are aimed at creating a new government which has shared power.

President Bush acknowledged the discussions which are being mediated by President Mbeki of South Africa. He said, “should ongoing talks n South Africa between Mugabe’s regime and he Movement of Democratic Change result in a new government that reflects the will of the Zimbabwean people, the United States stands ready o provide a substantial assistance package.”

As an ongoing critic of George Bush, we admit this is one time he has taken a stand FOR democracy.