US Furious At Russian Missiles But Calm About Ours

Five years ago, President Bush informed the United States and the world that Saddam Hussein had WMD which would be fired at the West. He used the argument America must shoot first to protect itself against an alleged attack. Today, George Bush insists Iran has missiles that it wants to fire at Europe which necessitates placing missile bases on the border of Russia to protect Europe against an attack that is not planned and never will occur. Russia, in retaliation, has deployed its missiles near Kaliningrad which has upset Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. He termed the action “provocative” and insisted the only threat facing Europe was from missiles originating in Iran. Gates and Bush and the entire Republican crowd believe there is a threat from “rogue states” like Iran which may one day obtain nuclear weapons and fire them at Europe.

The entire basis of US bases in Poland originates from the theory Iran either has or will get nuclear weapons and, then, for some strange reason, fire them at Western Europe. A simple question to which Bush has no answer is–why would Iran fire missiles at Europe? What exactly would be their goal? Iranian leaders are not stupid. They understand sending missiles into Europe would result in nuclear weapons being fired by Great Britain and France which possess those weapons. But, the essential question remains, what would ever lead Iran to initiate a war against the European Union?