US General Blames Russia For Aggression

American General John Craddock blamed Russia for engaging in aggressive actions which have resulted in creating tensions in the world. He noted the world had been moving toward a position that no nation in Europe should engage in aggressive actions in order to achieve its foreign policy goals but Russia by invading Georgia in August, 2008 had violated this basic premise. “Russia seems determined (to) use Euro-Atlantic security institutions weakened and has shown a readiness to use economic leverage and military force to achieve its aims.” Of course, this is a typical George Bush interpretation of what has been going on. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that Georgia initiated the invasion, not Russia, but no mention is made of this event.

America all too often sees the world through its own lens. Was it an aggressive action to inform Russia that missile bases were being built on its border? Was it an aggressive action to incite Georgia to initiate an invasion of South Ossetia? The United States constantly uses economic sanctions against nations like Cuba or Iran, but according to General Craddock that is not an example of aggressive action. When will Americans begin to see the world through the perspective of other nations?