US General Denies Iran Involvement In Iraq

The American commander in Iraq’s central province of Diyala told the French magazine, Le Point, that he never witnessed any hostile act from the Iranian side of the region over the past 10 months. Le Point, quoted Colonel Ronald Ward as saying during his ten-month stay in the Iraq province he never witnssed preparation by any US military forces for carrying out border operations. Meanwhile, Brigadier General Scott Pettinger said what he saw in that province was completely contradictory to what was being claimed by Washington in making allegationss of Iranian activity in the region. He said no Iranian agent had ever been arrested in Diyala nor had he ever come across evidence of the transfer of weapons or money from Iran to insurgent forces in the area.

The information in this story emanates from the Tehran Times and we have not been able to access to the original source of Le Point. If the Tehran Times report is an accurate recital of what the French magazine reported, it again illustrates the hysteria against Iran by the Bush administration is more illusion than reality.