US General Suggests Illegal Actions In Afghanistan

A recent directive issued by American General Brantz Kohn Craddock has created a furor in Afghanistan and Europe since it appears to raise the possibility that members of the military might wind up committing an illegal action. The American general wants a more aggressive program to wipe out the drug trade in Afghanistan whose funds have wound up in the hands of the Taliban and helped fund their campaigns. His directive states: “It is no longer necessary to produce intelligence or other evidence that each particular drug trafficker or narcotics facility in afghanistan meets the criteria of being a military objective.” His directive has been greeted with anger in Germany and other European nations who believe the directive is not a well thought out program to deal with Afghan’s needs. American General David McKliernen is also opposed.

Thousands of Afghan farmers depend on opium in order to survive which technically makes them part of the drug trafficking trade discussed in the directive. If Coalition forces began killing Afghan farmers it would be a tremendous propaganda boost to the Taliban who could come across as defenders of the rights of Afghans.

We suggest the best solution is for American and Coalition forces to purchase the entire opium crop and thus cut off money from the Taliban.